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Complex Evolution Trees Visualization Tool

The most advanced, interactive anduser-friendly (no-code plug and play) technology for dynamically visualizing complex entity development and interaction over time, now available as a Saas to construct Complex Evolution Trees for release under your own branding. Once the data is entered, the tool works its magic, rendering it into a dynamic, interactive 3D tree-like structure. The visualization mimics the branching and growth patterns of a tree, symbolizing the evolution and interconnectivity of the data points. Each tree branch represents a different aspect or category of the data, making it easy to discern relationships and patterns at a glance. The 3D aspect adds depth and realism, allowing users to navigate around the tree, zoom in on specific branches, and view their data from different angles for comprehensive analysis.

Sophisticated Network Ecosystem (Complex Entity Universe) Visualization

  • The interface presents an interactive, navigable, zoomable and filterable network of branching paths representing evolution over time. 

  • Each branch is a timeline that can be ergonomically explored, zoomed in upon for deeper analysis and clicked on to reveal pop-up data.

  • Customizable visualization elements for a personalized viewing experience.

Versatile Timeline Navigation Slider

  • Users can move a slider to traverse different years, dynamically updating the tree to reflect changes over time.

  • Sliders can also be repurposed as filters to selectively display tree entities that match specifi criteria

Interactive (AR/VR-Style) Display Environment

  • The visualisation environment is highly interactive, incorporating zoom, pan and 3-D rotation functionality 

  • Zoom in on specific tree paths to enable highly immersive tree navigation.

Complex Evolution Trees Visualization Tool Highlights

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Complex Evolution Trees Demo

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