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3D Interactive Industry Universe Constructor

3D Interactive Industry Universe Constructor is a fully customizable white label solution and SaaS constituting the most advanced, interactive, visually compelling and user-friendly (no-code plug and play) technology for dynamically visualising entire industry universes on a single zoomable, rotatable and filterable display. It enables clients to construct and release under their own branding 3D Interactive Industry Universe Maps encompassing companies, projects, investors, funding rounds, activities or other data points.

Multidimensional 3D Space

  • A rotatable 3D space with panning and zoom functionality visualizing connections and hierarchies between different entities.

  • Entities (e.g., companies, investors, funding rounds, etc.) are displayed as nodes with distinct colors based on entity type.


Slide Filter

  • Allows users to filter visible entities based on specified criteria such as capitalization, investment size, or date ranges.

  • Can be customised to create a timeline filter, showing trends in entity proportions over time


Editing Visualizations

  • Existing visualizations can be modified or updated through the Admin Panel.

  • Changes can be saved and published in real-time.

Interactive Nodes and Pop-Out Entity profiles

  • Click on nodes (companies, investors, funding rounds) to open detailed pop-out text profiles

  • Pop-out profiles are customizable, and any kind of data can be included in pop-put profiles

Major Features of 3D Industry Universe Constructor

Looking for a custom solution?

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3D Interactive Industry Universe Constructor Demo

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