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Benchmark Interactive Analysis and Visualization Tool

Advanced and easy to use (no-code, plug and play) SaaS and White Label Solution for constructing interactive 2D and 3D industry benchmark and ranking pyramids to release under your own branding. Originally developed for Deep Knowledge Group’s own internal use, and constituting the most advanced, interactive, visually compelling and versatile technology for visually benchmarking and competitively ranking industry players and market participants in interactive 2D and 3D pyramids.

2D and 3D  Visualization

  • Users can view data in a two-dimensional pyramid layout or a three-dimensional view for a more immersive experience.


Company Information

  • Detailed profiles of companies are available, including total funding and leadership status within the oncology sector.


Interactive Layers

  • Each layer of the pyramid represents a different funding level, allowing users to interact with the data hierarchically.


Data Input 

  • Users can enter specific data points to generate a customized benchmarking report.

Benchmarking Levels: 

  • Users can set benchmarks to compare companies against industry standards or custom parameters.

How Benchmark Interactive Analysis and Visualization Tool works

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Benchmark Interactive Tools Demo Demo

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