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Business Intelligence AI-Driven Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard: Automated Business Development and Investor Relations Constructors

Sophisticated end-to-end White Label Solution for Tech Industry investment universe analysis, monitoring, market intelligence, benchmarking, automated business development and investor relations - the N1 technologically sophisticated data-driven and AI-augmented solution to corporate defence, development and management in the 21st century. 


Having been committed since 2014 to the corporate thesis of DeepTech for social impact, techno-ethical business for social good, and the continual reinvestment of profits into the expansion of our core Data Science, AI and analytics assets and the refinement of our financial-ecosystemic development projects, Deep Knowledge Group uniquely in possession of extremely sophisticated technologies and systems for Frontier Science/Technology and complex industry-focused advanced business intelligence, deep comparative and competitive market and technology analytics, operational environment mapping and automated business development, engagement and investor relations.


We have recently consolidated a number of these proprietary systems into a single unified end-to-end White Label Solution capable of customised, comprehensive corporate strategy optimization and defence, semi-automated AI-driven business development, investor relations, partnership and client acquisition and corporate growth, competitive intelligence, operational environment monitoring and analytics, and are for the first time making this system available to select clients in White Label format.

(End-to-End White Label Solution)

Informational Overview

Project  Overview

Engagement Relations Management Module: Via integration with the Business Development Module, the system’s Engagement Relations Management Module provides a seamless semi-automated plug-and play environment to construct, monitor and manage engagement relations, with platforms for projects structuring (MarTech tools for project promotional website construction, decks construction, engagement message construction, etc), its Deals Constructor offers an enhanced CRM for deals tracking, with additional sub-modules for Docs Creation and LegalTech stack.


Business Intelligence Module: On the basis of the entities identified, mapped and profiled by the Operational Environment module, deep comparative and competitive analytics, market monitoring and business intelligence on leads with high relational relevance to the client company (competitors, potential partners, investors, etc) is conducted, employing proprietary Multi Dimensional Vector Space analysis to derive deep, targeted business intelligence tuned to the client company’s strategic objectives.

End-to-End White Label Solution Architecture

Business Development Module: The Business Development Module features a combination of AI-driven automated recommendations on business development optimization and execution formulated on the basis of the Operational Environment and Business Intelligence modules, with a focus on partnerships formation, revenue generation, and corporate strategy optimization and execution, providing organizations with the actionable tools and intelligence to effectively manage engagement relations, optimize business development, streamline legal operations and manage deals. Its Operational Environment Smart Matching System uses AI-driven matching of company projects with targeted leads for engagement (partners, clients, investors) and its AI Agent and Digital Avatar pipeline makes mass targeted automated engagement via autonomous AI agents using digital avatars of company decision makers.

Operational Environment Module: Deep mapping and analysis of the company’s full ecosystem of competitors, partners, peers, investors, etc. This module creates a detailed map of the client company’s operational landscape, and creates the foundation of data on which all subsequent modules are built upon.

Investment Relations Module: The Investment Relations module applies the full scope of tools and technologies used by the Business Development and Engagement Relations Management Modules (Smart Matching System, automated engagement via AI agents and company leader avatars, LegalTech stack and Deals Constructor) for the specific purpose of investment relations, drawing on insights and data from the Investment Universe mapping sub-component of the system’s Operational Environment module to identify investor targets smart-matched with client company projects, personalize pitches to their preferences, and automate both engagement and dealflow.

Head Hunting Module: A specific module focused on identifying and monitoring the activities of top-tier professionals within the company’s Operational Environment for the purpose of head hunting, smart-matched to company gaps and disproportions via SWOT and competitive analyses (Multidimensional Vector Space), with semi-automated recommendations on who to select as a target for hiring, and recommendations on how to pitch them based on an analysis of their preferences, occupational history, and Open Source Intelligence Analysis (OSINT).  

General Composition

Individual Leaders Module: The Individual Leaders Module provides deep mapping and profiling of VIP contacts in the client company’s Operational Environment, essentially providing an Operational Environment Map and Analysis on the individual ultimate decision makers of the companies that comprise the company’s broader Operational Environment. 

Scenario Forecasting Analysis Module: This module employs Multiverse-style Company Scenario Modelling via Long-Term Technological Forecasting System Technology combined with AI-driven automated recommendations for business development according to predicted scenarios and recursive feedback and integration of outputs with other Dashboard components (Business Development and Investment Relations Dashboards).

Financial Engineering Module: This module uses outputs from both Modules to forecast tech-driven impacts on the financial industry, designing virtual portfolios of structured financial instruments tied to groups of tech companies in a given Operational Environment or tech forecasting signals on the industry itself, enabling a whole new dimension of capital and asset management, creation, and acquisition.

Looking for a custom solution?

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Business Intelligence AI-Driven Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard – Powered by Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group runs several data-driven investment and financial vehicles — Deep Knowledge Ventures, InvestTech Platform, Longevity Capital, Longevity Financial Club, etc.

To develop a sophisticated software platform Dashboards Constructor, Deep Knowledge Group uses the best assets to create a synergy effect.

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