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Complex Frameworks Constructor SaaS

Complex Frameworks Constructor is a sophisticated visualization tool constituting the most advanced, visually compelling and user-friendly (no-code plug and play) technology for dynamically visualising any complex framework (networks of interactions between entities, industry participants, technologies, etc) on a single interactive display. Now available as a white label solution and SaaS for clients to create and release complex framework visualisations under their own branding.

Complex Networks Visualization

The main visualization area displays a network of nodes and paths representing framework entities (e.g., companies, technologies, etc) and their relationships.


Timeline Slider to Show Evolution Over Time

A timeline slider allows users to traverse through different years to observe the evolution of the framework.

Pop-up Node and Path Profiles

Each node and path can be interactively selected to reveal additional details and data.


Variable Scale for Full Interactivity

Users can zoom in on specific nodes or paths to view finer details, supporting  both mouse scroll and pinch-to-zoom on touch-enabled devices, to enable both bird-eye full framework views and deeper dives into specific framework relationships.

Complex Frameworks Constructor System Highlights

Looking for a custom solution?

Contact us and let's discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Complex Frameworks Constructor Demo

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