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No-Code Dashboard Constructor

No-Code Dashboard Constructor is a cutting-edge, plug-and-play, no-code SaaS solution for constructing tailor made analytics dashboards for your customers and clientele, easily embedded into any other branded product or website.

Utilizing highly sophisticated and proprietary front end and advanced data visualisation technologies, users can easily assemble their own advanced analytics dashboards, perfectly suited for a variety of use cases (industry monitoring, market intelligence, etc), with a choice of more than 40 distinct 2D and 3D data visualization types.

Uniquely, by storing data in a meta-format, the system automatically smart-matches user data with the types of advanced visualisation (dashboard components) with which it is it is compatible, bringing for the first time a truly no-code ease-of-use to transforming data into eye-catching, attention-sustaining, functionally versatile and highly interactive advanced data visualisation.

Our No-Code Dashboard Constructor epitomizes a state-of-the-art and highly versatile plug-and-play White Label Solution meticulously designed to aid enterprises in crafting striking, interactive dashboards tuned to their specific needs. Its intuitively navigable interface and robust functionalities facilitate the seamless dissemination of data-driven insights with unparalleled ease and efficiency.


Users can generate dynamic bar charts based on their custom selections of round types, main categories, secondary categories, and the type of value they want to analyze. By enabling users to tailor their data visualizations, this feature promotes deeper insights and informed decision-making adaptable to almost any industry.

No-Code Dashboard Constructor represents a paradigm shift in customizable, white label solutions, empowering businesses to effortlessly create visually striking and interactive dashboards tailored precisely to their requirements. Its intuitive interface and robust functionalities ensure the seamless delivery of data-driven insights, fundamentally transforming the visualization and utilization of information.

This project amalgamates three foundational Deep Knowledge Group initiatives:

  • Firstly, it encompasses the comprehensive collection of Big Data from our Dashboard Projects. 

  • Secondly, it incorporates a flexible, no-code approach to visualization composition akin to our main Dashboard Constructor.

  • Lastly, it integrates the interactive visualization of intricate datasets, including interactive Mind Maps. This convergence establishes it as an all-encompassing solution for large-scale data visualization.

Continual integration of custom-diagram visualizations, aligned with specific data types, significantly enhances its adaptability and usability. Furthermore, the extraction and integration of selected visual components from dashboards into the platform serve to augment its suite of features. from dashboards into the platform serve to augment its suite of features.

About No-Code Dashboard Constructor

Interactive Visualisations

A variety of dynamic, real-time data visualisations that make complex information easy to understand - 8 types of advanced 3D 20 types of 2D visualization modalities, and 40+ variants across all types.

Fully Customisable

Personalise every aspect of your dashboard, including the ability to adjust the styling, layout, positioning and fonts to custom widgets and data visualisations

Enhanced Interactivity

Includes interactive elements like clickable industry maps and dynamic graphs, making the dashboards more engaging and informative

Key Features of the Dashboard Constructor


Access dashboard on-the-go, with a fully responsive design optimised to work seamlessly across all the latest devices

Real-Time Preview

Changes to the dashboard can be previewed in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback and adjustments without the need for reloading


Advanced Visualisations at your fingertips

Transform your data, transform your business. Request exclusive access to Dashboard Constructor and see it in action today.

Looking for a custom solution?

Contact us and let's discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

No-Code Dashboards Constructor – Powered by Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group runs several data-driven investment and financial vehicles — Deep Knowledge Ventures, InvestTech Platform, Longevity Capital, Longevity Financial Club, etc.

To develop a sophisticated software platform Dashboards Constructor, Deep Knowledge Group uses the best assets to create a synergy effect.

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