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Geo Dashboard Constructor SaaS

A versatile no-code, user-friendly solution for creating dynamic, interactive web-based geographic maps of companies, projects, activities or other data points, combined with a wide range of analytics modalities and advanced data visualisation tools, integrated into a single unified analytical dashboard released under your own branding. Users can easily adjust the positioning, width, and height of dashboard components, and have the freedom to add or remove elements as needed. It features a variety of advanced graphics options, including timelines, line charts, and horizontal bar charts.

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3D Interactive Industry Universe Constructor Demo

Customizable Layouts

Users have the flexibility to adjust the layout, including the positioning, size, and orientation of each dashboard element.


Advanced Graphics Integration
The tool supports a wide range of graphical elements, such as timelines, line charts, and bar graphs, enhancing the data representation capabilities.


Real-Time Preview
Changes to the dashboard can be previewed in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback and adjustments without the need for reloading.


Enhanced Interactivity
Includes interactive elements like clickable maps and dynamic graphs, making the dashboards more engaging and informative. Blur Effects: Unique blur effect feature for specific components, adding a stylistic touch to the dashboards.

Features of Geo Dashboard Constructor SaaS

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