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Longevity Clinics Metaverse

Longevity Clinics Metaverse is a cutting-edge metaverse platform technology developed by Deep Knowledge Group to equip geographic clusters of health services with a powerful digital, virtual second layer to their physical assets and facilities. 


Ideal for owners of geographically-proximal groups of medical clinics, real-estate owners with health facility portfolios, and medicine-focused smart cities, this technology providers a more sophisticated solution to showcasing regional healthcare assets for partners, investors and other stakeholders, and for enabling clients to interact and engage with, navigate and explore healthcare services in the digital era.


Structured as a White Label Solution, our platform is tailorable to the specifics of each client. The showcase materials below demonstrate the functionality and versatility of the system as applied to a specific provider (Harley Street in London), giving insight into how our solution can be added to your own facilities and brand to elevate it to the next level of client engagement, partner and investor relations, and digital healthcare innovation.


Project  Overview

Harley Street journey to becoming a renowned center for healthcare spans centuries, marked by its evolution from a humble village to a global destination for medical excellence. Driven by a tradition of innovation and a commitment to excellence, the area continues to attract leading medical professionals and clinics from around the world. This presentation highlights Harley Street's enduring appeal, its ongoing investment in cutting-edge technologies, and its pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare.

About the Project

Harley Street enjoys a long-standing reputation as a centre of private medical excellence and the district around Harley Street is more often referred to as Medical London because it has several private hospitals within the vicinity and the largest concentration of medical proficiency in the world.

For years, King Edward VII's Hospital, nestled discreetly within London's Harley Street medical district, has been the hospital of choice for the royal family. Prince Philip favored it, staying there in 2021, while Queen Camilla reportedly underwent an operation in 2012. Even the late Queen chose the hospital for a knee operation in 2003.

Explore the centre of the medical excellence in London with our interactive 3D visualization of Harley Street. Effortlessly navigate through the streets and explore a myriad of clinics and medical facilities. With advanced filters, find relevant information about each clinic, including specialties, services, ratings, price ranges. Whether seeking specific treatments or browsing options, our visualization simplifies the search process, ensuring you find the perfect match for your healthcare needs. Uncover the wealth of medical expertise Harley Street has to offer with our tool.

Harley Street Today

Prioritizing children's well-being is of utmost importance, and while Harley Street currently has limited focus in this realm, acknowledging the pivotal role of early childhood (especially up to 4 years) is essential.

The establishment of a pediatric clinic on Harley Street presents a distinctive opportunity to deliver exceptional healthcare tailored exclusively for children in an esteemed and centrally located setting. Responding to the growing demand for specialized pediatric care, our clinic aspires to provide comprehensive services, ensuring the optimal health of our young patients. Leveraging the prestigious reputation of Harley Street, combined with a dedicated focus on children's health, positions our clinic as an appealing choice for families seeking superior medical care. This initiative not only addresses a critical healthcare gap but also contributes to the illustrious medical legacy of Harley Street.

Harley Street: A Missed Opportunity

Looking for a custom solution?

Contact us and let's discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Longevity Clinics Metaverse – Powered by Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group runs several data-driven investment and financial vehicles — Deep Knowledge Ventures, InvestTech Platform, Longevity Capital, Longevity Financial Club, etc.

To develop a sophisticated software platform Longevity Clinics Metaverse, Deep Knowledge Group uses the best assets to create a synergy effect.

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