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Longevity Club End-to-End
White Label Solution

Longevity Club has developed a highly sophisticated, integrated and fundamentally unique technological ecosystem of Longevity medicine-related products, services and platforms. The brand’s most distinguishing feature is its capacity to aggregate and integrate the best technologies (APIs, market intelligence systems, AI, etc) and techniques (clinical practice protocols, pipelines, medical methodologies, etc.) into a state-of-the-art ecosystem, and offer clinic clients their choice of components - whether as an ideal add on and second digital, virtual IT and AI-enhanced layer (hybrid solution) to augment their existing physical facilities and capture the health-focused activities of their clients outside the clinic, or to optimize and modernize existing physical clinical pipelines and protocols according to data-driven ecosystem analysis and market intelligence as a more tangible solution adopting best practices, monitoring and on-boarding innovations, and adapting to competitors. While its business model also encompasses internal ecosystem development for direct-to-consumer sale, it is currently prioritizing  sales to clinics on White Label Solution, JV and partnership models, until a critical mass of select partnerships is achieved.
Informational Overview

Project  Overview

Longevity Club is an End-to-End technological ecosystem, featuring a full-stack IT platform, with desktop  and mobile apps, precision me-dicine scientific solutions, empowered by digital virtual infrastructure and AI-driven core analytical system. Its product ecosystem is backed by the world-leading Longevity Group, including a pioneer in the industry, Aging Analytics Agency, operating in the Longevity field since 2013, financed and supported by Deep Knowledge Group. 

Its End-to-End White Label Solution offers clinics comprehensive digital Longevity Medi- cine infrastructure to develop, expand or enhance their Longevity-focused clinical pro-duct and service offering.

Looking for a custom solution?

Contact us and let's discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Longevity Club – Powered by Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group runs several data-driven investment and financial vehicles — Deep Knowledge Ventures, InvestTech Platform, Longevity Capital, Longevity Financial Club, etc.

To develop a sophisticated software platform Longevity Club, Deep Knowledge Group uses the best assets to create a synergy effect.

Global Medical Clinics Big Data Analytical System and Dashboard: Comprehensive benchmarks for clinic evaluation; Examination of over 600 criteria; Strategic tool for crafting master plans for clinics; Ecosystem Development Projections; Smart Matching System to search for strategic partnerships ; Partners And Competitors Profiles and Pipelines; Advanced Visualizations; 


Corporate Longevity Clinics Blueprints: Optimal Master Plan of clinic tailored to your goals; Ready comprehensive Clinic Blueprints for 8+ categories; Customised solution for upgrade of your clinic; Tailored solutions for specific types of customers; Advanced services for biohackers; Longevity Clinic Blueprint; Functional Clinic Blueprint; Neurohacking Clinic Blueprint.

Individual Blueprints and Structured Systems: Longevity Cabinet; Longevity Room Blueprint; Longevity Kitchen Blueprint; Longevity Suitcase Blueprint; Sleeping Room Blueprint; Mobile Blueprint.

Longevity Club Mobile App (mHealth and Wearables Integration): Longevity Club Mobile App with Longevity Marketplace; access to extensive validated set of mHealth apps and health wearables integration; Mobile App also offers diverse selection for choice of individual biomarkers assessment; Digital Health Avatar solution; Longevity Reward Points and Tokenomics.

Longevity Marketplace: Diagnostics & Prognostics; Telemedicine, Personalised Medicine Clinics; Fitness and Wellness, Nutrition; Advanced Cosmetics; Nutraceuticals and Supplements; Wearables Integration; Longevity Banking Card; Longevity Reward Points and Tokenomics.

Longevity Digital Avatar: 3D Visualization of Human Organs; Comprehensive Medical History Collection; Longevity Biomarker Focus; Digital Biomarker Monitoring; Digital Data Collection; Extended Diagnostic Planning; Longevity and Aging Analysis.

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