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Fundraising Projects

Longevity Card
Women Health Club
Rectangle Pseudo Mindmap as Service
AI in BioMed Platform
AI in Oncology Platform
AI in Drug Discovery in Asia Platform
AI in Biomarkers Platform
AI in NeuroTech Platform
AI in Organoids and Organ-on-a-chip Platform
AI in Early Diagnostics Platform
AI in UK: BioMed
AI in FemTech Platform
AI in Personalised Medicine Platform
AI in Drug Discovery Platform
AI in Drug Discovery Platform
Asia Digital Ecosystem Big Data Analytical Dashboard
InsurTech End-to-End Platform
Europe Digital Ecosystem Dashboard
DeepTech Ecosystem Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Longevity Investment Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Digital UK Ecosystem Dashboard
AI in UK Platform
InvestTech Platform
GovTech / E-governance Global Dashboard
Dashboards Constructor
Global Philanthropy Dashboard
SpaceTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Life Sciences Ecosystem in the UAE
Global Diabetes Industry Platform
Switzerland DeepTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Global FemTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Ecosystem-as-a-Service Platform
DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors
Global AI Ecosystem Platform
Techno-Philanthropy Platform
Invest In Ukraine Tech
Philanthropy.International Platform
Longevity Finance Dashboard
Diabetes in GCC Region Industry Platform
Operational Environment as SaaS
DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine Dashboard
AI Jobs Marketplace
FemTech in the UK Big Data Analytics Dashboard
AI Marketplace
AI Big Data Analytics Dashboard
Business Intelligence as a Service
FinTech Overview
Investment Digest
Invest in Ukraine Tech
Government Investment Initiatives and Programs
ERM 2.0
Circular Pseudo Mindmap as Service
Pyramid Pseudo Mindmap as Service
Moldova Geo Dashboard as Service
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